Station History & Accolades

This page provides a brief history of our PWS and website, as well as the awards our PWS has received.

Station History

January 1981

The PWS began operating in Werribee for personal interest. It was equipped with all manual instruments and the daily data were manually recorded on paper logsheets.

May 2010

The PWS was upgraded by the installation of a La Crosse WS2355 Automatic Weather Station (AWS) to supplement the manual instruments. Continuous data from the AWS were now displayed on an indoor console and digitally stored on computer.

The upgrade enabled us to begin sharing our real-time data with national and international weather exchange networks as Werribee Weather. The upgrade also marked the launch of the Werribee Weather website to display our daily weather data; our long-term climate data, including the early rainfall data converted into digital form; and a range of complementary weather products from the ABOM.

2012 - 2015

The website expanded with the addition of new climate statistics, local fire danger indices, web pages devoted to weather education, the ultraviolet forecast for Melbourne, and the pollen forecast for Melbourne.

February 2017

The PWS was decommissioned and disassembled due to an impending move to Palm Lake Resort Truganina. The Stevenson Screen was repainted after major repairs that included fitting a new roof and fixing a cross arm beneath the roof to mount the manual and automatic rain gauges.

April 2017

The PWS began operating as Truganina Weather, just 8.5 km in a beeline from its former home in Werribee. We launched to display our daily weather and climate data, as well as most of the remaining content from Werribee Weather.

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Gold Award presented to our PWS by the Weather Observations Website (WOW) for submitting observations on at least 350 days per year. WOW is a collaborative project between the ABOM and the United Kingdom Met Office.

WOW Gold Award for 2018 WOW Gold Award for 2016 WOW Gold Award for 2015 WOW Gold Award for 2014 WOW Gold Award for 2013

PWS operating as Werribee Weather from 2013 - 2016.

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