Fire Danger Index

Daily Index Values

The FFDI and GFDI indices are initially calculated at 10:35 am AEST each day (11:35 am AEDT) by FWI Calc using Truganina Weather data. The indices are recalculated at regular intervals during the day as the weather conditions change.

Wind Speed
Forest Fire Danger IndexForest Fire Danger Index Danger CodeGrass Fire Danger IndexGrass Fire Danger Index Danger Code
24/05/202212.99015.00.004.1LOW MOD0.0LOW MOD
23/05/20228.69215.00.003.1LOW MOD0.0LOW MOD
22/05/202211.68715.00.002.8LOW MOD0.0LOW MOD
21/05/202212.88415.00.003.3LOW MOD0.0LOW MOD
20/05/202213.96915.00.003.4LOW MOD0.0LOW MOD
19/05/202213.07615.00.003.5LOW MOD0.0LOW MOD
18/05/202213.86615.00.003.6LOW MOD0.0LOW MOD

Last Updated by FWI Calc: 24/05/2022 19:30:29

graph of daily forest fire danger index

graph of daily grassland fire danger index

Grassland Curing

During the fire season, a network of CFA volunteers provide weekly assessments of the amount of dry and dead grass, also known as grassland curing. The level of curing is an important factor in predicting fire behaviour and has a dramatic effect on the GFDI.

Level of grassland curing

More information » Victorian Total Fire Bans & Ratings | About Fire Danger Ratings.

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