Monthly Statistics

This page provides access to our tabulated monthly statistics for a range of weather variables.

Read the disclaimer regarding the mean values reported in these tables.

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Total Rainfall

Highest Daily Rainfall

Number of Days of Rain

Maximum Temperature

Mean Daily Maximum Temperature

Highest Daily Maximum Temperature

Lowest Daily Maximum Temperature

Number of Days of 30.0° C or More

Number of Days of 35.0° C or More

Number of Days of 40.0° C or More

Number of Days of 45.0° C or More

Minimum Temperature

Mean Daily Minimum Temperature

Highest Daily Minimum Temperature

Lowest Daily Minimum Temperature

Number of Nights of 2.0° C or Less

Number of Nights of 0.0° C or Less

Mean Temperature

Daily Mean Temperature

Highest Daily Mean Temperature

Lowest Daily Mean Temperature

Mean Sea Level Pressure

Highest Daily Mean Sea Level Pressure

Lowest Daily Mean Sea Level Pressure

Weather Phenomenon

Number of Days of Thunder

Number of Days of Lightning

Number of Days of Hail

Number of Days of Fog

Number of Days of Frost

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Many of these tables include calculated monthly and or annual means. These means should be used with caution if there are less than five full calendar years of data on which to calculate the means.