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Truganina Weather, Palm Lake Resort

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Location of Truganina, Victoria, AustraliaWelcome and thank you for visiting Truganina Weather. Please enjoy your visit and come back again because our website is regularly updated.

The owner/operator of this personal weather station (PWS) was a professional Meteorologist for 38 years with the Australian Bureau of Meteorology (ABOM).

We originally established this PWS in Werribee in January 1981 and operated as Werribee Weather from May 2010 until February 2017. The PWS then moved to Palm Lake Resort in Truganina (see map) and began operating as Truganina Weather from April 2017.

More information » About Truganina Weather.

The name Truganina (pronounced "Trug-a-NINE-a" by long-time Wyndham residents) is a rural-urban fringe suburb located approximately 22 km to the south-west of Melbourne, the capital of Victoria and is predominantly within the City of Wyndham.

Wyndham is the third fastest growing local government area in Australia and home to strong industrial and technology districts, two major retail precincts, major tourism and open space attractions, intensive market gardening and grazing areas.

It is believed that Truganina is named after Truganini, one of the last full-blooded Tasmanian Aboriginal woman, who spent a short time in the area.

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Temperature Chart

The Truganina Weather temperature chart is usually updated every five minutes and shows the variation of air temperature and dew point over the past 24 hours.

24 hour temperature and dew point meteogram
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Our Weather in

The Truganina Weather daily logs and monthly graphs are normally updated after the evening manual observation each day. The yearly graphs are normally updated soon after the end of each month.

Daily Logs

Daily rainfall icon Daily maximum temperatures icon Daily minimum temperatures icon Daily weather phenomena icon
Click on an icon to see the yearly log for the weather element selected

Monthly Graphs

Werribee Weather graph of daily rainfall Werribee Weather graph of daily temperatures
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Yearly Graphs

Werribee Weather graph of monthly rainfall Werribee Weather graph of monthly maximum temperatures
Werribee Weather graph of monthly minimum temperatures Werribee Weather graph of monthly weather phenomena
Click on a yearly graph to see it displayed at full-size

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